ATS® Tribal Combinations
November 13 (Tuesday) at 7:30 pm

Class length
1 hour
Symbolic Dance & Fitness (672 S. Van Ness Ave.)
Expand your ATS® vocabulary and learn how to build dance combinations.

After you get acquainted with the ATS® system in Dance Fundamentals Drill It! and Dance It!, build on the basic movements with Tribal Combinations. Learn a new step each week and challenge yourself with teacher-guided combinations in duet, trio and quartet formations.

This twelve-week series of one-hour classes is best enjoyed concurrently with Dance Fundamentals. 

Six weeks of Dance Fundamentals are required before beginning Tribal Combinations.

Best Practice: Come for the first hour of Dance Fundamentals Drill It! and Dance It! and stay for the second hour of Tribal Combinations!

Sorry - that class has already taken place!